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After 8 years of teaching yoga it is clear to me that I am a Gateway Yogi. Many of my regular students had either never practiced or had little experience with yoga before. My students tell me that they can move deeper into their poses and into their meditative state due to my direct voice and cues. My teaching style makes yoga accessible and fun. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi you'll continuously learn something new here and get a great workout!



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"I can honestly say that Yessie’s yoga classes during the COVID crisis saved my life. I work in the global health arena, so this pandemic has kept me extremely busy. I have a track record of not taking care of myself when things get challenging and that is dangerous as I age. Yessie came through with her incredible sense of professionalism and caring mentorship to provide me with the yoga tools to stay strong, focused, and flexible during this crazy period. I am so grateful to have her as my friend and guru." -Jon
"I've been Yessie's student since the beginning of the pandemic, and I love her classes that I attend twice a week pretty much every week. Yessie's sessions are challenging, but you don't need to be a gymnast and contortionist to keep up, providing the right level of challenge for a beginner and intermediate yogis. Her instructions are very precise, so that even by voice you know exactly what to do, with alternatives when appropriate, and you can always find something to improve. Thanks for offering these classes, which have very quickly become an essential part of my work-from-home well-being!" -Georges
"Yessie is an extremely knowledgeable and deeply caring yoga instructor and a true friend. I have known Yessie going on 5 years though most of those years we have been divided by the Pacific Ocean, we still have made time to connect, share, and laugh. Yessie is selfless, confident, and caring, as you can feel from how she guides you through your yoga practice. She has always been there for me, when my highs are high, and lows are low. After practicing yoga with her, I never leave without feeling my mind, body, and soul are back in balance. Yessie is a rare find in troubling times, a gift to her friends, family, students, and yoga."  -Scott
"If you are looking for a thoughtful, invigorating yoga experience Yessie is an incredible teacher. She also brings her wisdom and kindness to the mat and inspires thought and elevates my spirits when I practice with her!" -Linda
"Yessie is a breath of fresh air!  Her positive vibe and encouraging way leave you feeling calm, replenished and ready to kick start the day" -Lindsay
“Yessie is by far my favorite yoga teacher. All classes combine body and mind in perfect fusion. I love the exercises, the simple instructions and the positive vibe in class. These classes make my day, thank you.” -Bernhard
“My first experience with yoga was when Yessie taught yoga at my place of work a couple of days a week. Being a beginner, I appreciated her clear instruction and encouragement. Five years later, I have practiced yoga with a handful of instructors and I can honestly say Yessie is by far my favorite! I was so excited when she started offering virtual classes during this pandemic. Since we can practice at home my husband started doing yoga as well, and he is a fan now too. Yessie keeps upping her game by adding variety with classes such as strong core and sculpt, which keeps it interesting and fun. I have really appreciated having these yoga classes to take refuge in during this challenging time.” -Carrie

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